Mark 4:41

“And they feared exceedingly, and said to one another, ‘Who can this be that even the wind and the sea obey Him!’”

Many years ago while traveling in Jerusalem, we encountered the most severe dust storm recorded in twenty-two years. As the evening settled in and we went to our beds, we could hear the wind whistling outside our hotel. The next day brought thunder and lightening. As morning arrived, we woke to a snow-covered Jerusalem! From our room we viewed the Temple Mount and the surrounding hills blanketed with a beautiful covering of white. Palm trees were flocked by the winter blast and big oranges hanging from trees were topped with what looked like white frosting on a cake.

The city was excited to see the sight and people in our hotel rejoiced at the unexpected change. “It’s like having a holiday – a day of rest!”  they exclaimed.

We can learn something from this. Some people always seem to be fretting and fuming. They appear to have been born in stormy weather. They’re perpetually agitated in mind so that they cannot sit back and rest. Just the other day I overheard someone complaining about our rainy season. I thought, dear friend, we shouldn’t complain about the rain. It is God’s blessing to a thirsty earth. We should rather give thanks to God for what comes from His hand. Do you think for a moment that you could manage the weather better than He does? Without the storms, the air would be stagnate and unhealthy. So let’s commit to resting in Him, even in the midst of the unexpected!

Pastor Jack


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