Genesis 1:1

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”

In this opening verse of God’s revelation to mankind, He very simply, very clearly, and without apology states the fact that “God created.” When I consider the proposed alternative to creation, evolution, I have to admire the great faith of the Darwinian. The mind without God is a mind that has no limits to its imagination. Every scientist knows that there is no scientific evidence that supports the evolutionary theory, yet many today hold to it out of fear. This theory is stated as fact, and if anyone dares to challenge this house of cards, a brisk and fervent attack will follow. To the Darwinian, someone who believes in God is incredibly non-scientific. But is that true?

Having read Newton, Kepler and Bernoulli, I greatly appreciate their grasp of the laws of science, as does the modern world. Yet each of these giants of science believed that God was the Creator and that the universe displayed evidence that He was holding it all together.

It is fascinating to discover that the Biblical account of both life and creation is in direct agreement with the natural laws of modern science. I find it humorous that a self-proclaimed expert would ask me to believe that this world is the result of random fortuitous occurrences. Why should I believe in a theory that violates natural laws, insults my intelligence, and has no scientific veracity? The truth is that if God really does exist, and if He is the Design Engineer Creator, then each of us truly is responsible for our life and actions.

To not believe in God is wishful thinking that ends like a bad dream. To not believe in God is to be intellectually dishonest. To not believe in God doesn’t change the truth that He is exactly who He said He is – GOD!

Pastor Jack


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