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Psalm 88:2

“Let my prayer come before You; incline Your ear to my cry.”

Entrance into any place of pomp or glory is sure to have an invitation list or a special password that will let you in. Yet for every Christian, there is immediate access and entrance to the presence of God. In this world every door is not always open to us. At times it may feel as though there is no way in and no way out, but there is always the way up, up towards God in prayer.

We relate to God best when we take time to pray. Prayer is where we fellowship with Him. The Lord is waiting to hear from you.

Furthermore, the Lord is waiting to hear from us as a church. It has been said, “You can tell the popularity of a pastor by how well the church is attended, but you can also tell how popular Jesus Christ is by how well the prayer meeting is attended.” We can always expect answers from the God who listens when we cry out to Him in prayer. Let us take the time daily to cry out to Him for He hears us when we do. So, let us pray!

Pastor Jack


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