1&2 Thessalonians – MP3 Disc


Being Ready to Meet the Lord – Contains 18 full-length MP3 audio messages on one disc.


Paul’s powerful letters to the church in Thessalonica reminds believers everywhere to be ready and watching for the imminent return of their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. This reality and blessed hope prompts Christ followers to heed His commission to share the Gospel and evangelize the world.

In this series of 18 full-length Bible studies Pastor Jack Hibbs unpacks verse-by-verse the essential doctrines found in Paul’s letters. These include: godly church leadership and discipline, God’s ability to preserve believers in trials, testing and death, End Time events and much more. You will be exhorted and encouraged to live a life pleasing to God, to be careful about what you hear, and to hold fast to the Lord’s promises.

It’s later than it’s ever been! Is Jesus Christ your blessed hope? He is coming back… just as He promised — are you ready?

Contains 18 full-length MP3 audio messages on one disc.

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