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There are many parallels to the times the prophet Isaiah lived in and our day. The nation in which he resided was divided, the country had departed far from God and His laws, and they were surrounded by hostile (people) nations. Isaiah, troubled over the moral breakdown of God’s people, continually called for repentance, justice and righteousness; warning the leaders of Judah of impending judgment if they refused to turn from their sinful ways.

Pastor Jack Hibbs takes you verse-by-verse through all 66 chapters of this amazing book that deals with sin, judgment, restoration, forgiveness and the future. You’ll see how The Book of Isaiah, though written more than two thousand years ago, is still calling the nations of the world to wake up and repent from their sins. Through this powerful study, you’ll be encouraged by the example of this evangelical prophet; whose very name means The Lord is Salvation. Isaiah spoke more about Jesus Christ as the Messiah and salvation through Him than all the Old Testament prophets combined. As God called Isaiah to speak to the people in his day, God is calling believers to speak to those around them about salvation in Jesus Christ and His soon return. Is Jesus your salvation?

Contains 115 full-length MP3 audio messages.

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The God of Our Salvation

Contains 115 full-length MP3 audio messages.

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