The Christian Response To The Great Reset


Booklet by Charlie Kirk

The groundwork is being laid for the one-world government and cashless society, prophesied about in the pages of Scripture regarding the end times. Find out how believers should respond to this dangerous movement in Charlie Kirk’s insightful booklet “The Christian Response to the Great Reset.”

Booklet – 37 pages

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Booklet by Charlie Kirk

Evil is infiltrating society through the influence of a powerful, unelected group of international elites doing the left’s bidding on the world stage. A critical battle to protect Western civilization from their vision of a secular globalist, and collectivist utopia looms.

Conservatives in America must act decisively and courageously- as we are called to do because the only thing necessary for the persistence of evil is the inaction of good.

The clock is ticking and there is no time to waste. It’s time to rise up and protect America from the grip of the Radical Left.

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