The Greatest Teaching On Bible Prophecy Ever – Part 3, CD


The Greatest Teaching On Bible Prophecy Ever Is The Prophetic Word Regarding Salvation

1 Peter 1:10-12


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It has been said that, “A man can go another mile with just a pat on the back.” The right kind of encouragement can go a long way when needed and is essential if we are going to make it through the struggles of this life.

In this epistle, the aged apostle Peter reminds the Christians of his day that their trials and suffering could not defeat them, but actually would become tools that would be used to create a more Christ-like nature within them. While under the heavy hand of the Roman Empire persecution, the Church had been driven out of their jobs, homes and families – scattered to the four corners of the earth because of their love for Jesus and His Word. How encouraging it must have been to them when Peter’s letter arrived with much needed words of comfort and inspiration.

Christians today, perhaps more than any other time, are in need of encouragement as well, for they have become all too familiar with increased suffering and persecution as a result of their loyalty to Christ. Peter’s first letter is a powerful reminder of Christian hope in the midst of suffering. In this study, we will learn from a man who literally walked with Jesus and found in Him a reason to live this life, even if it meant facing adversity. Join us as we dive into this timely message and discover what it means to be anchored in Christ despite life’s struggles.    

1 Peter 1:10-12

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