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Our world today is addicted to super heroes and action figures and frankly, I can understand why.  All of us are looking for a way to rise above the average and to be involved in something great.  The book of Acts is the Christian’s fix for true excitement and real heroes.  This action-packed book could be better entitled “The book of the acts of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believers.”

Pastor and teacher Jack Hibbs passionately believes that the Lord is still working and desiring to change the world for Christ.  perhaps one of the most exciting things about the Book of Acts is that it documents what God began to do with a small band of believers. From Jerusalem, God used them to spread His message throughout the world and reach the very place where you live today.  It’s an awesome thing to know that God is still at work, from Paris to Peking, from San Diego to Singapore.  The Holy Spirit continues to present Jesus Christ to all those who will listen.

In this study, Jack Hibbs walks you through a systematic, chapter by chapter, verse by verse analysis of what God did in the Early Church and what He’s doing today and wants to do through you.

Contains 69 full-length MP3 audio messages.


The Spirit at Work


Contains 69 full-length MP3 audio messages.

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