In The Daze Of Deception – CD Set


In this 3-part special, Pastor Jack shares a biblical look at recent events around the globe and how they relate to biblical eschatology and how we should live in light of increased deception.

Matthew 24:1-5

3 Disc set


UFO’s, UAP’s, A.I. – Will You Be Deceived?

The Idea of visitors from outside our universe, has held humanity spellbound for millennia. Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP) and aliens-everyone is talking about them. The US Congress recently launched an investigation regarding the mounting claims by US military pilots and the US Navy that there has been a dramatic increase in UAP sightings. But how do you explain the dramatic increase? And what role will Artificial Intelligence play?

The world’s insatiable curiosity about beings from beyond the stars has set the stage for a scenario that could usher in the grand deception that Jesus Christ and the prophets warned us of. Are there truly aliens or perhaps they are ancient pagan demonic powers. Join Pastor Jack for an eye-opening look at deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons involved in the Daze of Deception our Bible warns us about.

3 Disc set

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