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Matthew 28:6

“He is not here; for He is risen, as He said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay.”

On Resurrection Day Christians around the world celebrate the greatest reason for Jesus’ coming to earth. As wonderful as it is to study the words of Christ, without the resurrection, they are just wise and timeless sayings. As powerful as all His works were among those with whom He walked, without the resurrection, His good deeds become nothing more than acts of benevolence. As selfless and serving as His death upon the cross may seem, without the resurrection, Jesus’ death would be just another tragedy.

Today, we Christians rejoice in what the rest of the world can only hope and dream about. Because Jesus is risen from the dead, all those who put their trust in Him shall be risen also! Because Jesus is risen from the dead, all those who know Him personally will never see the grave! Because Jesus is risen from the dead, I am guaranteed to have entrance into heaven! Jesus went to the cross and paid a debt to God that I could have never paid. Jesus then was buried in a tomb in Jerusalem, but because He is the sinless Son of God, the powers of the grave were unable to hold Him down.

His resurrection is a fact. It was confirmed by eyewitnesses, acknowledged by the Roman Empire, rejected by the religious hierarchy, and has been argued about for hundreds of years! It is my hope and prayer that you might come to know Jesus as He desires to be known by you. Just as one day nearly two thousand years ago made the ultimate difference to all of us, so today can make the ultimate difference for you and your eternal future. Make a decision for Christ today.

Pastor Jack

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