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Genesis 26:18a

“And Isaac dug again the wells of water which they had dug in the days of Abraham his father…”

From the moment that God called Abraham out of Ur to a better place, Abraham became a worshipper. Others saw his act of worship as Abraham expressed his thanks to God in a public way by building an altar of worship. What I find interesting is that whenever Abraham had the need to dig a well for water, an altar of thanks would soon spring up. This godly lifestyle was seen and then adopted by his son Isaac.

It was Isaac who continued the practice of worship and it was Isaac who saw the need to build altars. There is a model of revival here in this verse for us to see. Notice that it says “And Isaac dug again the wells which they had dug in the days of his father.” This was the re-opening, the unplugging of the waters that the Philistines had stopped up in earlier days. The Philistines are pictured as agents of sin and sin will always stop up the flow of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

What are we to do then when the “waters” are plugged up? We must dig again. Life’s pressures, spiritual neglect and refusal to follow the Lord’s leading can stop up the flow of God’s Word in our lives. We must re-open our hearts again by digging into the Bible anew and afresh. I know that when we have grown tired and weary within our spirit, it seems almost impossible to be refreshed by new waters of revival, but that sense of despair is only a mirage. Dig again and feel the holy waters flow over your soul.

The amazing thing is that it’s the dryness of the desert that makes the water all the more wonderful and refreshing. Are you in a desert place today? Then dig again and drink of the refreshing that can only come from the Lord your God.

Pastor Jack

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