John 3:16

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son…”

During the 1800’s, the nation was being linked together by the expansion of the railroad. These iron horses were changing America and the romance of the steam locomotive was captivating.

In Pennsylvania, there lived a man whose job was to maintain a drawbridge over one of the many rivers that the new railroad traversed. His watchful eye guaranteed safe passage for both the riverboats below and the trains crossing above. This man had a son who was very interested in trains as well. Each day he would beg his father’s permission to accompany him to work, just so he could be near the great trains.

One day, the little boy’s desire was granted and off he went with his father. As the day went on, the young boy grew fidgety. Bored and curious, he made his way onto the drawbridge and was impressed with its function.

His father, busy with the cares of the bridge, riverboats below, and pending trains, lost track of the fact that his son was with him. Just after the passing of a riverboat, the signal announced that an approaching train was near. Seeing the speeding train, the man cycled the bridge controls to lower the massive steel into place. Within a second, the man caught eye of his son trying to escape from the moving steel and grinding gears of the lowering bridge. He had to quickly make an impossible choice: raise the bridge to save his son and all aboard the train die in the crash or continue to lower the bridge into place and his son would die. Making the unthinkable sacrifice, the man could only watch as his son was tragically crushed to death while the train sped across.

As the father looked on, he saw the engineer waving his normal greeting. In shock, he watched the people go by, sipping their drinks and enjoying their journey, unaware of his sacrificed son that had assured their safe passage.

God, our heavenly Father, chose to save the world from its destruction by sending His Son as a willing sacrifice so others could have eternal safety. Sadly, most people today are like those riding that train, unaware and uninformed of the death of the Son of God so that they might live. Unknowingly and without appreciation, they live their lives while God looks on. My friend, do you know Jesus as your great sacrifice? Is your heart full of thanks and appreciation for what He has done for you? Look to the Cross and find your eternal safety there.

Pastor Jack


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