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 Proverbs 3:6

“In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.”

For some, the Christian walk seems to be an uphill battle. For others, it’s as though the path is covered with ice, making it difficult not to slide off course. Yet the Bible declares that God desires to lead us all along life’s way. He has made us the remarkable promise that He will personally direct our paths. The Hebrew word for direct is yashar, and it means to make right, to make pleasant, to make prosperous.

This is what the Lord has promised you! Our part is to simply acknowledge Him before the start of any duty or before any path is ventured upon. To acknowledge Him is to yada, meaning to discover Him, to come to the knowledge that He is here, to find a new way.

Here is the key to the Christian walk – it is to seek God daily and see Him at large in our lives. The good news in that is that He desires to lead us more than we desire to be led!

Knowing this, I am encouraged to ask the Lord to guide, to open doors and to let His perfect will be known. With this comes great liberty to step out and to enjoy this glorious experience called Christianity! Try putting Him at the top of your list and see what happens!

Pastor Jack


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