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Isaiah 33:23b

“…even the lame will win their share!”

The appearance of a physical deformity can hurt. For those of us with a deformity, nothing is more painful than the inward torture of what we feel and think. We are constantly reminded of our weaknesses and how beautiful others look in comparison.

I am not thinking of vanity. I am saying that we often allow our outward imperfections to overwhelm our true worth and value before God. In fact, we can be tempted to find fault with God for having made us as we are. In my life and in yours, we often allow ourselves to be destroyed by weakness. The truth is, this world is warped by evil and sin. Every human being suffers imperfections. You may be physically beautiful on the outside, but inside you are sorely handicapped by fears. Are there any among us who really see themselves as not being in need of the Lord’s healing touch? Our inward and outward deformities shall one day be for our reward!

There is coming a day when Jesus will call us to Himself and we shall be judged before His wonderful throne of grace for those things that we have done in these bodies for His glory. It is there that I will see Him take my weaknesses and deformities and exchange them for gold. I will hear Him say, “Jack, you chose to trust Me and serve Me, in spite of your weaknesses and fears. It was those weak things that I have used to bring honor to My holy name. Now you shall enjoy My reward for, ‘…even the lame will win their share!'”

What are your deformities and/or weaknesses? In God’s hands they can become great things, for even the lame can walk and leap in His presence, today and forevermore.

Pastor Jack


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