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“O LORD our God, all this abundance that we have prepared to build You a house for Your holy name is from Your hand and is all Your own.”

For some among the Christian ranks, the thought of building a church facility is akin to disaster. Apparently, church building projects and their stories are as colorful and soiled as the experience of buying a used car, but the scripture above says, “O LORD our God.” Isn’t He the One who is to be our focus and not ourselves? In the verse above, you can almost hear the excitement and reverence that resonates in David’s voice as he speaks to the assembly of Israel about all of the abundance that they have, knowing that it is all from God Himself.

The people were thrilled and united in the venture of building a house of worship for God and the Lord blessed them with the ability to do it. Take notice that in their holy passion and clear understanding of His will, they exclaimed that it “is for Your holy name.” They acknowledged that all they personally owned belonged to God by stating that it was from His hand to begin with. Our bodies are His and we are the temple of His Holy Spirit. Let’s daily choose to live our lives in holiness, dedicating ourselves unto Him and bringing glory to His righteous and holy name. To God be the glory!

Pastor Jack

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