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Isaiah 9:6

“And His name shall be called Wonderful…”

What kinds of things do you normally describe as wonderful? I often say that things like a great vacation, a good meal or an unexpected gift are wonderful because I enjoyed them more than usual. In our modern English this works, but Scripture defines this word as so much more. Biblically it points to something which is beyond understanding, something that fills us with wonder because it overwhelms us with its greatness. Isaiah says that very thing is Jesus Himself. Everything He thinks, says, and does is beyond our understanding and this alone should fill us with awestruck wonder. This truth becomes very real to me, in a big way, when I see the fruits of His role in creation. Let me explain.


In Southern California, we can never be sure if our rainy season will actually bring rain, but this year has been exceptional. Just driving down the freeway has me in amazement. Brown hillsides have become green, native plants have sprung to life, and buried poppy seeds have exploded. Our famous orange groves are filled with fruit and if that weren’t enough, there’s a backdrop of snow-covered mountains. Everywhere I look I see evidence of God’s beautiful handiwork, all of it intricately working together in harmony. How did this happen? Why does it continue on to this day? It is a mystery that confounds scientists but causes my heart to overflow with worship of Him as I experience these glimpses of His magnificence.


Life on our planet is one thing, but the Bible tells us in John 1:3 that Jesus also created the rest of our universe and beyond. How can our finite minds comprehend such infinite wisdom and power? We simply can’t. All we can do is give Him the honor and glory due His name.


He alone is Wonderful. He alone is worthy of our praise.

– Pastor Jack


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