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“And Moses said to them, ‘Stand still, that I may hear what the LORD will command concerning you.'”

Among the children of Israel there were those who had become defiled because they had touched a corpse. The touching of a corpse rendered a man unclean and unable to fellowship with God or His people. The message that God was sending to Israel was that they were to steer clear of anything that suggested death and decay.

Like Israel, we are to be a people who celebrate life because we personally know the God and Creator of life. He forbids us and commands us to stay away from the things that would defile us or bring death to us.

Moses told the children of Israel to stand still while he listened for God’s command concerning them. Why couldn’t they have heard from God themselves? Why were they not speaking to God directly on their own behalf? The answer is that when we were unbelieving or unsaved, we too were defiled by death. God did not listen to one word of ours because we were dead to Him. We were polluted by our sins, as were the children of Israel. Jesus, like Moses, spoke to the Father on our behalf and the Lord heard from on high. Fellowship with the living God is possible to all who desire to be cleansed from the death of this world by putting their faith and trust in Jesus Christ. Be cleansed this day by asking Him to forgive you and to give you a new life in Him.

Pastor Jack

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