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 1 Corinthians 15:51

“Behold, I tell you a mystery: We shall not all die, but we shall be changed …”

Change! We all have the tendency to hold on a little tighter to the things of life as we see ourselves changing and growing older. As we journey onward, we often find ourselves more resistant to the dynamics that change demands of us. Can you remember when you were younger? Taking risks and venturing out was not only exciting, but as you look back you can agree that it was those “stretching” moments of change that helped define who we are today.

The Lord tells us that His Word is forever and never changes. The reason why this truth is so precious to us is because everything else is in a state of change. Change is uncomfortable because we cannot always see God ahead in a venture or situation. When I, as a pastor, a father and a husband, seek to control and limit God’s work of change in the very one who I am trying to reach, I miss out because I have become the “lord” in the effort. You and I, along with others, must experience change if we are going to grow as healthy, productive human beings. If the universe has ever seen evolution, it can be found in the life of every productive child of God. When God orders up a change in your life, how do you react? When there’s a challenge in your life, how do you handle it? May I challenge you today? If there is a world outside to be changed, are you willing to be an instrument of that change?

Change is normal and to be anticipated. The Lord is ever pressing, molding, shaping and conforming you into His image, and that alone is the greatest change of all. May you be open and willing to become as a child again, and embrace all that He has for you.

Pastor Jack


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