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 Numbers 9:22

“Whether it was two days, a month, or a year that the cloud remained above the tabernacle, the children of Israel would remain encamped and not journey; but when it was taken up, they would journey.”

Beyond a shadow of doubt, the most frustrating part of our Christian walk is knowing when and where God is leading us. As the children of Israel learned how to follow the LORD through the desert wilderness, so we too must learn to listen and obey. In my life, He deals plainly with me, as I can be hard of hearing. He has taught me to trust His lead, yet often I do not know if the desire to pursue a task is of Him or not. So, what am I to do? I am to look for His “cloud”, His glory and ask myself, “Does what I’m desiring to do glorify Him and how will Jesus be lifted up in this thing?”

When we seek to bring Him honor, nothing else really matters. My prayer is that you follow Him who desires to lead you more than you desire to be led.

Pastor Jack


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