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Galatians 5:1a

“Stand fast therefore in the liberty by which Christ has made us free…”

During trips to Washington, D.C., I often walk past the WWII, Korean, Vietnam, and Civil War Memorials. I am constantly challenged by these reminders of the extreme measures our soldiers took to defend their homeland and that of others. Each site testifies that liberty and freedom are hard-won and come at great expense.

In the past, God blessed this nation in her darkest hours, as she fought diverse enemies whose mission was the destruction of our freedoms bestowed by the Almighty. Unfortunately, few today are willing to stand fast against the equally destructive forces of darkness threatening to engulf our land once again. It seems that we Americans have grown accustomed to God’s abundant graciousness. We’ve become careless with our freedom—unwilling to sacrifice to maintain such treasure, yet wondering why we see so few of heaven’s blessings.

Many of our nation’s monuments testify to the courageousness that once prevailed within our borders. May we heed the voices of the men and women they represent. Let us remember that the continuance of the American spirit is very expensive indeed. And may God revive in us the warrior spirit to fight for what is good, just, and right.

Awaiting His Return,

– Pastor Jack

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