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Matthew 10:31

“Do not fear therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows.”

Do you know how much God cares for you? In this life we may never come to a full knowledge of its extent, but the Lord has His ways of helping us to see the truth.


Years ago, I was surprised by a soft but constant tapping at my window. It was early morning and still dark outside. Looking closer, I saw a sparrow hanging onto the ledge for dear life. When I opened the window, the little bird came onto my hand and into the house. 

 That little guy sat in my lap for a good thirty minutes and fell asleep. Eventually my wife and I carefully took him back outside and watched him go from feeder to feeder – happily rejoining his fellow aviators.

 I couldn’t help but wonder, why wasn’t he at home with his bird family?

Had a cat frightened him away? 

I asked the Lord, “What is going on here?

What do You want me to see?”


The Lord showed me that like this sparrow, there are times when we feel scared, alone, and in the dark. And just as he was persistent in his tapping, we must earnestly seek God; knowing that as quickly as I opened the window for that helpless one, so too will He bring us into His presence. 


Believer, that little guy sat and rested without hesitation or fear. How much more, can we, in the arms of our Lord?

– Pastor Jack

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