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Psalm 111:2

“The works of the LORD are great, studied by all who have pleasure in them.”

In design and scope, all the works of the LORD are great – even in the little things. The word great in the Hebrew language is so extensive in its range of meaning that there is no single English word expressive enough to take its place. This leads us to understand that the richness and variety of God’s works demand our diligent study.


God’s works are evident in creation. With every transmission from the Hubble telescope comes a fresh revelation of the grandeur and precision of the universe, and a reminder of His tremendous power. The greatness of the LORD’S works is seen in the Holy Scriptures. The history of His dealings in the lives of Old Testament saints alone prove His longsuffering, mercy, and faithfulness.


Charles Spurgeon once said that the believer experiences intercourse with God through the knowledge of Him. Are God’s actions enough to cause you to draw near, enough to move beyond a superficial glance? There are those who will pass on by without even the faintest desire to know more of the depth of His works – to their own detriment. Once the reality of His works sinks into your soul, one truth will lead to another and another. Eventually a deep-seated joy, rooted in the greatness and the goodness of our Lord, will begin to influence your thoughts, bringing rest and peace.


His works call out to us as “deep calls unto deep.” (Psalm 42:7) To the one who gazes intently, the more he’ll see and the greater his pleasure will be.

– Pastor Jack

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