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Psalm 22:1

My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?”

The human spirit within the Lord Jesus experienced a profound loneliness while upon the Cross. While suspended between heaven and earth, and feeling isolated from the Father, our Savior quoted the psalmist’s question, “Why have You forsaken Me?” These emotional words hold great truth to those who believe God has turned His back on them in their suffering.

Often the sense of abandonment can lead us into a mean battle with depression. Such experiences open wide the entrance into a cloudy state of inexplicable sadness and vexation. Our hearts may fail us, not because of disease, but because of perceived alienation from all that seems right, and the One who is good. But even this foe must surrender its attack in the face of God’s divine will for our lives.

It seems that depression and its comrades are often used to defeat us. However, we must not lose heart during the days, weeks or even months under such dark assaults. Are you suffering through a bout of depression? Then know this: your battle may well be used by God to do a deep work, and in order to accomplish it, you must be in that special place of absolute dependence upon Him, and no other.

Christ’s Cross was appointed, yet He cried out in His time of need. If the Lord of glory needed to beseech His Father for strength, believers, so should we.

– Pastor Jack

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