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2 Peter 2:5

“…Noah, one of eight people, a preacher of righteousness….”

Peter tells us that Noah preached righteousness, yet there is no record of him saying anything. What we do know is that Noah was busy building an ark.

Nowadays, people pile up crazy stuff in their yards. Can you imagine Noah’s? Passersby probably taunted, “What are you doing there, old man?” Did Noah answer? Maybe, maybe not. What if Noah just quietly went about building the ark until his work was done?

By no means am I advocating staying silent because judgment is coming, not by water, but by fire. We must speak when God tells us to speak, but sometimes people won’t listen. It takes wisdom to know when to use words and when to let your actions do the talking. To those who are being saved, we are the fragrance of Christ, and they will receive every word as an aroma to their soul. But to others, the message of salvation is a stench, and they’ll hate you for it. Jesus said so.

People will lie about you—just make sure it’s a lie. They’ll blame you—just make sure you’re blameless. Don’t defend yourself when others say or post all manner of evil things about you. God will be your defense. Live out your Christianity with integrity because God wants it to shout out the reality of the crucified and risen Savior, Jesus Christ.

One day, your opportunities to witness will end, and when that day comes, what will you have preached?

Awaiting His Return,

– Pastor Jack

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