1 Corinthians – USB


Discovering God In Our Everyday Life. Contains 67 full-length messages in MP3 Audio format on a USB Flash Drive.


Discovering God In Our Everyday Life – 67 complete messages in MP3 audio format. What was happening in Corinth is very much like what is happening in our country today. Many Corinthian believers were conceding to a “let’s live it up” philosophy, instead of making themselves available to spread the Word of Truth. Rather than giving themselves to the Spirit of God to be used in ways that would plant seeds of righteousness, love and truth in areas where people were hurting and suffering, they were giving way to the idea, “Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we die!” In addition, they were keeping company with others who thought and lived the same way. Paul reminded them, “Bad company ruins good morals.” He then exhorted them, “Come back to your senses…and stop sinning”. In essence, face life realistically and stop kidding yourselves. This battle continues today; believers need to forsake the temptations of this world to compromise. Christians need to live everyday for the Lord, knowing they have been entrusted with the privilege of affecting their world and this generation for Christ. When we gather at the throne of God, the greatest privilege we will claim for ourselves is that we had the opportunity to labor for His namesake. So let’s make the most of it! This verse-by-verse study, through 1 Corinthians, will encourage and equip you with the tools and instructions needed to make a difference for Christ today and every day.

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