Joshua – USB


Modeling A Life of Faith and Obedience

Contains 26 full-length MP3 audio messages.


Ever since the day man was created, a personal relationship was to be experienced between God−the Creator and man−the created. God committed Himself to fellowship with His creation and He will not allow it to be destroyed. The Book of Joshua illustrates this relationship. Joshua was a man of faith, whose relationship with God enabled him to face overwhelming challenges and circumstances and with strength and courage.

In this book we see two important aspects of Christianity revealed – faith and obedience.

1) God had divinely chosen Israel to possess the Land of Promise; requiring faith.

2) God would be faithful to perform all that He had promised regarding the taking of the land; requiring obedience.

Join Pastor Jack Hibbs as he leads us in this 26-message study in the inspiring book of Joshua. Learn how, as we walk in faith and obedience, the Lord enables us to be strong and courageous!


Contains 26 full-length MP3 audio messages.

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