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Matthew 2:2

“For we have seen His star in the East and have come to worship Him.”

Heaven’s influence on our lives is never greater than when our sights are fixed upon it. The man or woman whose eyes are turned upward will be marked by a life lived differently. We know this because of the accounts of those who determined to fix their gaze far above the earth.

Moses is a perfect example. In Pharaoh’s house, he had every benefit laid at his feet. Yet, Moses was not captivated by the security of the Egyptian court because “he was looking ahead to his reward” (Hebrews 11:26). For Moses, looking upward equated to living beyond the fleeting rewards of playing it safe, resulting in the deliverance of millions of his people from bondage.

Missionary to China, Hudson Taylor was another who lived with heaven in constant view. In writing about winning souls to Christ, Taylor said, “China is not to be won for Christ by quiet, ease-loving men and women.” Through his courageous, some might say outrageous, trust in God, he inspired thousands to forsake the comforts of the West to bring the gospel to China’s vast, unknown interior.

The Magi of the Christmas account trained their eye on the heavenly star so they might find the Christ Child and worship Him. Christian, what are your sights set on? What is the driving force in your worship of your King? I pray that you turn your eyes upward to that which will one day be yours—heaven.

Awaiting His Return,

– Pastor Jack

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