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ACTS 5:20


Go, stand in the temple and speak to the people all the words of this life.

Never before in human history have people said so much that means so little. The number of phone calls, texts, and emails exchanged on a daily basis cannot be counted. Much of what we speak and write has little to no eternal value. Of course, we must live our daily lives and even make a living. However, let’s not forget we are to be about eternal business as well. This is exactly what Jesus was doing while He was here on earth, being about His Father’s business.

We are also called to be witnesses of God’s love and grace to the people whom we come in contact with. To speak to the people all the words of this life is an honor and a calling that is not limited to just preachers and teachers alone. We speak not only with words, but also with our actions – how we live our lives in front of others. Yes, we must boldly speak truth in love, but also know that our lives reflect what we truly believe. People are watching and our lives must be that example of His Word lived out for them.

I have seen that God delights in answering my prayers when I am used by Him and for Him. When I willingly ask Him to send me where He bids or to speak when He prompts me to, I am filled with great fulfillment as I share whatever He has put on my heart.

Are His words life to you? Do you live as though you really believe what you say? May the Lord fill you with a passion to share what you know about Him with His precious words of life, but also words that reflect a life that is sold out for Him.

– Pastor Jack

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