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Isaiah 46:9-10

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.”

For nearly two centuries, England produced the greatest pastor-teachers that the world had ever heard. Charles Spurgeon taught the Word of God to five thousand per service on a Sunday morning! His contemporary pastors aroused the hearts of millions to seek the Lord as well, with many of them right in Spurgeon’s own city of London. Once, while in London, we attended a service at The Guard’s Chapel. This is the same chapel that the Queen’s guards attend each Lord’s day. It was filled to capacity, nearly four thousand strong. As the Scripture was read by one of her Majesty’s lieutenants, I had to hold back tears for behind all the glory and appearance of righteousness that this beautiful and historic city demonstrates, there is sadness in the realization that for the past one hundred years or so, this nation has been a post-Christian nation.


Many of England’s great churches of yesteryear are now Muslim mosques or havens for new age philosophers. Sadly, this great city has little appetite for true Bible teaching. So goes a nation without God at the helm. So goes America if we do not repent and seek His face again and live for Him.


As we walked the historic streets of London, I thought about the future. I asked myself these questions: What significance will I make for Jesus that will last? Will all that I work and strive for just become historic or will it live on? What, if anything, have I accomplished that will spill over into eternity? Will I pass on to others the faith that was once and for all committed to the saints? It is my prayer that the history we make today will be meaningful to those in the future. Since our God knows the beginning from the end, we ought to be a bit more reckless and bold in all those things that concern Him. Because He knows the future, are you willing to be a part of it for His glory?

– Pastor Jack


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