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Job 38:27

“It is the Lord who satisfies the desolate wasteland and makes it to sprout forth with grass.”

Here in Southern California, springtime is so brief that before our lengthy summer hits we must enjoy our short-lived spring.


The days are now nice and warm, and the nights still cool. One of the best things of all is the sweet aroma of orange tree blossoms and the scent of spring flowers. During this time of the year, life seems to burst forth with hope and promise. Springtime brings a sense of renewal. Worldwide, the season of spring reintroduces people and even the animal kingdom to new life and new beginnings.


I find myself expressing thanks each day for the cool, crisp, morning or the warm, intense sunshine in the afternoon. I see the Lord’s goodness in the lengthening of days and in the vivid green that spring seems to paint on the trees and grass. Yet doesn’t this time of the year speak of something greater? Could there be a springtime for the soul as well? I think so. When we come to the altar of prayer, we find the Lord there ready to meet us. When we determine to rejoice over His love for us, we are renewed by hope. For me, I’m often encouraged by His touch upon the things of His creation. In a similar way, this too is what the Lord does for us when we allow ourselves to be resurrected by His refreshing.


Friend, is it springtime all around you with the promise of life everywhere, or is there something within you that more resembles those long, dry, hot and dusty days of summer? Do you feel parched while others around you seem to be drinking Him in and feeling refreshed? If so, here’s what you’re to do: Tomorrow, beat the morning light and awake early while it’s still dark. Plan on meeting the Lord at an altar of your choosing; it can be in the backyard, on the porch or maybe a spot that provides a view. There, speak to the Lord and tell Him of your great need. Tell Him the truth of just how dry and how dead you feel and that you need Him to come down like rain upon the grass, like showers that water and refresh the earth. He will do it. The Lord has been waiting for you to meet with Him. By this, we can enjoy His spring every day throughout the year–because He is Life to you, He is your life.

– Pastor Jack


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