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1 Peter 4:12


Beloved. What an expression of endearment this word is! Of all the things that you could be called, there is nothing quite like it. Your Heavenly Father is announcing that you are singled out, favored, and appointed by Him to be loved on. This word is so full of meaning that we humans can scarcely understand it. But for what purpose was Peter drawing our attention to this marvelous truth? Trials. And not just any sort of trial, but a fiery trial.


Peter’s word to the early Church came at a time when they sorely needed reassurance that they had not been forgotten nor forsaken. Likewise, things happen to us that don’t seem to make sense and pressures rise to the point where doubt begins to take hold. It’s in these times that Satan dangles something alluring our way that seems better, whispering, “go ahead and just do it, it’ll be okay, you need relief.” That way may be appealing, but its end is bitter. God in turn, counters the enemy’s lies with “you are Mine and you are beloved.” And just like a caring father, He draws us in and presses us close… I wonder if it’s not unlike the disciple who laid his head on Jesus’ breast at the Passover supper where he was able to hear the heartbeat of the Almighty clothed in human skin.


Believer, whatever your situation, know this: God desires intimacy with you in order to strengthen your faith, change your focus, and renew your hope. You don’t need to wait until you’re in the crucible. Your heavenly Father knows the encouragement that you need. Draw close to Him because you are beloved.

– Pastor Jack


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