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Psalms 127:1

“Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it…”

Ever since God revealed Himself to man, the two have sought a place to meet with each other. In the beginning, Adam fellowshipped with God under the canopy of beautiful trees in the Garden of Eden. As God led Israel out of Egypt, He gave instructions to Moses to build the tabernacle of meeting and for decades, God met with Israel there in that temporary chapel until a place was built for Him at Shiloh. Finally, King David desired to give God a place of worship in Jerusalem and that came to fruition under the watchful eye of David’s son, Solomon.


In reality, did God really need an earthly house? Of course not, but God did commission the building of a house of worship for His people. It was and still is God’s will that His people worship together in a place dedicated to Him even if that place be under the shade of trees or underneath a blanket of stars. In our current place and time, God still commissions that structures be built for Him. Our buildings nowadays are built with metal, concrete and glass, yet one thing has never changed: the way these places of worship are built. God has always used His people. I am reminded of the verse that says, “O Lord our God, all this abundance that we have prepared to build You a house for Your holy name is from Your hand, and is all Your own.” (1 Chronicles 29:16) It’s almost funny that we desire to build God a house of worship, yet it is God who must bestow on us the physical resources to do so.


It’s like a father buying himself a gift, wrapping it up, putting his own name on the tag and then handing it to his child so that that child can turn around and give back that gift to their Dad. God has given us so much that we naturally want to give back to Him out of the abundance of blessings we’ve received from Him. We truly can do nothing without Him, but may all that we do bring Him glory and honor.”

– Pastor Jack


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