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Psalm 103:14

“For He knows our frame; He remembers that we are dust.”

God knows, and God remembers. This comforting truth draws us back to Genesis, where we see Elohim creating man from the dust of the earth. Science confirms that man’s biological structure doesn’t amount to much—only a few essential elements—but this is of no consequence to Him who purposefully fashioned us. Our fragile state is why God willingly upholds us and guarantees that He’ll never lay undue burdens on us. 

He will give you strength equal to your day.

The Father’s understanding of our weakness is best seen at Calvary’s cross. His unfathomable love could not allow Him to abandon us to ourselves without remedy. God opened the door to eternity’s inexhaustible riches while all our sins and transgressions were laid upon His only Son.

Strength is not a criterion for the believer’s access to God’s unlimited mercy. You are assured of His compassion and graciousness, no matter how frail you may be. Amid life’s ups and downs, He will not allow any path to take you beyond what you can bear or lead you to destruction. He will not permit it. It cost Him too much. He cannot fail nor forsake you—these things are impossible for Him. 

Dear saint, your Creator knows your anxieties, fears, and questions. He knows your temptations and trials. He knows you are but dust, and He will give you strength equal to your day.

Awaiting His return,

– Pastor Jack

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