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“No one engaged in warfare entangles himself with the affairs of this life,
that he may please him who enlisted him as a soldier.”

Unless you’ve been in the military, it might be a stretch to grasp how a combat soldier fits into Christianity. Think of it this way – nine elite soldiers climb into a helicopter and lift off from an aircraft carrier en route to a clandestine operation. Their watches are synchronized. They’ve studied and prepared for this moment to the point of being automated. Everyone sits silently rehearsing their job knowing it’s crucial to the success of the mission. The cohesiveness within the unit comes from being single-minded. As the target approaches, senses become heightened. Do you feel the tension of the moment – the importance of what lies ahead? Everything screams of urgency, with success as the only option. With this same intensity, each believer is called to defeat the works of darkness.

The LORD Almighty, commander of the heavenly hosts, holds out redemption, salvation, and deliverance to a broken world, but not without opposition. His call upon our lives to join the battle is an urgent one. If we could see Hell stirring beneath those that we brush shoulders with, we’d break down in tears. We’d get serious. Do you think that five minutes out from the target, those nine men have a thought of pornography or how someone offended them or are obsessing over their bank account? No! They will not allow it – their mission is everything.

Our window of opportunity is short. Fellow soldier, disentangle from the works of the flesh, yield to the Spirit and allow His life to be lived out through you – place yourself at His complete disposal. Become resolute, deliberate, single-minded. If you have that focus, you will in no way be distracted from your reason for deployment.

– Pastor Jack

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