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Matthew 26:56

“Then all the disciples forsook Him and fled.”


Fear can bring out some rather unpredictable behavior, even among those who seem fearless. If you are human and care anything at all for your well-being, you will be prone to fear.

As an emotion, fear can be helpful. It’s fear that shouts, “Stop!” when you’re about to do something reckless or dangerous. But fear is never good when it is associated with Jesus. When the disciples fled the unfolding scene, they did so ignorantly. It wasn’t until later that they realized the tortuous acts the angry mob would inflict against the Son of God.

Yes, the disciples fled, just as we would have had we been there. And yes, they forsook Him just as you and I would have forsaken Him then. But thankfully, God never held that against them, nor does He hold it against us. Sadly, but honestly, we all have succumbed to the same panic, and it has caused us to say and do things we never would have considered otherwise.

God ordains every moment and tailors it for us individually, yet fear may be robbing you of what God wants you to experience. Perhaps you’ve fled from His requests to go deeper and grow stronger in Him, or you’ve forsaken and refused His invitations to serve His people. All because of anxiety about what may come. Why not join me in agreeing to make fear a defeated foe? Let us resolve to fear nothing that God wills.


Awaiting His Return,

– Pastor Jack

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