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God Is Sovereign Over The Nations

By November 14, 2016November 20th, 2020No Comments


 Daniel 2:21a

“He changes the times and the seasons; the Lord removes kings and raises up kings…” 

The United States of America has a new President because people cast their vote. But was it as simple as that? And where is God when it comes to His involvement among the nations of the earth? We need to embrace the power of God that was behind what has just taken place in our country. According to the Bible, God is sovereign over the nations. His Word says that He establishes kings and removes them according to His will. We also know that God has called us to select leaders to rule over us and to pray for them. So, is there a contradiction between God’s sovereignty and our responsibility to choose? Absolutely not, God has put forth His truth and there is nothing that man can do to manipulate or pollute it. However, we do have the God-given ability and will to make decisions and choices that affect our lives. There are some decisions we make that benefit our lives for the good that will last for generations and there are also decisions that we make that will not only destroy our own lives, but the lives of those after us.

On November 8th, America elected a new leader, but that election was under the observation of Almighty God. I know with certainty that God’s people unified together in prayer in all 50 states for God’s will to be done. Churches hosted prayer meetings and pastors educated their flocks regarding how to vote biblically. What made the difference in this election was that after praying, people put their faith into practice and got up and voted. The result was nothing short of a miracle. How so, you might ask? The foundation of a God-honoring platform was upheld in that: the value of the sanctity of the pre-born child’s life prevailed; the call to recognize marriage as God has defined it prevailed; the defense of Israel’s right to exist prevailed; the second amendment right to protect one’s self and property prevailed and the constitutional promise of religious liberty prevailed.

God establishes kings and He removes them. He has given us a gracious and generous window at this time, but for what reason? I personally believe it is so that the Church might become a light again in a very dark world. We are to be a city set on a hill, but in recent years, the Church has put her light under a bushel, she’s been hidden, so to speak. We are commanded to let our light shine and yet we have failed to obey Him in this. The Church has retreated in fear and intimidation because of political correctness and a departure from biblical doctrine. Going forth let’s remember that, though God establishes governments, the answer for our nation is not in the Statehouse or in the White House, but in God’s house.

If America is to be protected and blessed again, it will be by God’s historic means, that is, His people will cast off apathy and devote themselves to obedience to His truth. We must live out our faith at home, at the office, and in this world. May God send us revival!

Pastor Jack

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