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Psalm 32:8

“I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will guide you with My eye.”

I often travel to places I’ve never been before and thankfully my electronic devices have navigational helps to get me where I need to be. Plug in an address and before I know it a map appears, along with a nice but monotone voice telling me which way to go. As grateful as I am for this automated help, I know that manmade systems have an unfortunate way of sending people in a wrong direction. But this is never true of the Lord. I can be negotiating unfamiliar territory in my life, and yet confidently venture out with the assurance of God’s eye upon me, guiding me. I can be assured that nothing on my journey is left to chance because when He says, “I will,” His capacity to fulfill that promise is 100% guaranteed.


Life in these last days is requiring believers to chart a course with uncertain conditions up-ahead, which is why the Lord promises to keep us on track with instruction, teaching, and guidance. He’s literally saying, “I’ll give you wisdom and insight into whatever you encounter and then counsel or advise you on the course I want you to take.” He wants to warn us in advance about potholes, unexpected roadblocks, and potential accidents. He wants to guide us into rest stops and places of refreshing along the way when we’re tired and need them most. But His guidance isn’t a given. It’s not an all-inclusive navigational system that automatically springs into action with salvation, and there won’t be a disembodied voice telling you what to do. Guidance by His eye is the result of intimate face-to-face communion, a determined gazing if you will, at the all-knowing, all-seeing God through His Word and prayer. This is His desire and I pray you’ll make it yours as well.

– Pastor Jack


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