It Pays To Wait

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 Psalm 37:9

“…but those who wait on the LORD, they shall inherit the earth.”

We all hate to wait. However, God has promised to use waiting for our good. Throughout the Scriptures we are instructed to wait on the Lord. For example, Noah had to wait 120 years before he saw the justice of God. Abraham needed to wait to see the promise of God fulfilled. Moses also waited for God’s deliverance of His people from both Egypt and their wilderness wanderings. The prophets of old had to wait to see the fulfillment of God’s declarations.

As Christians, we too must wait if we are going to follow in the footsteps of Jesus. In His own life, Jesus’ ministry was 30 years in the making. We read about the Apostle Paul who, for 14 years, was being prepared for his great ministry. The life of the Christian is one of waiting and every promise in the Bible requires patience on our part. Jesus said that while we are waiting, we are to be busy about the things of heaven as we watch eagerly for Him to return.

Perhaps one of the most challenging things about waiting is that God takes our entire life to mold us more into the likeness of Jesus. So take heart…waiting is actually good for us. God is at work in the waiting.

Pastor Jack

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