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The Gospel of Luke: An Account of Christ’s Life on Earth

Contains 141 full-length MP3 audio messages on a USB flash drive.

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The Gospel of Luke, the only New Testament book written by a gentile, is considered to be the most comprehensive of the Gospels. The author, Luke, was a medical doctor who had been commissioned by “Theophilus” to write the account of Christ’s life. He tells us in the first four verses that he has set out to give an orderly account “having had perfect understanding of all things from the very first…”.

This MP3 set contains 141 full-length Sunday morning MP3 audio messages encompassing the entire book of Luke. This is much more than a quick overview of the text. It is an in-depth study of the book’s twenty-four chapters in a series of messages requiring a span of over four years to deliver. In his own unique, dynamic style Pastor Jack draws out of God’s Word instruction on a multitude of subjects including: doubt, temptation, being far from God, hope, how do we get to heaven, the real Jesus, our money, betrayal, worship, being used by God, prayer, when Christ comes again… and much more!

Contains 141 full-length MP3 audio messages on a USB flash drive.

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