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“Then the men of Israel took some of their provisions; but they did not ask counsel of the LORD.”

Have you ever had scripture leap off the pages of your Bible and shout, “Hey, take notice”? Dear saint, these somber words from the account of Israel’s conquest of the Promised Land, should grab the attention of every one of us, “but they did not ask counsel of the Lord.”

Joshua and the men of Israel were outwitted by a sly enemy when they confidently relied on their own judgment. Their assessment of the situation made seeking the Lord seem unnecessary, but they were wrong. They were duped.

After hearing of Israel’s unstoppable victories, this enemy decided on a strategy of infiltration and inclusion rather than annihilation. So, they came cleverly disguised as ambassadors in worn out clothes to hide their true identity. But isn’t that how Satan comes to you and me? Camouflaged and friendly, he uses smooth words to gain access. He’ll whisper, “This everyday stuff isn’t a big deal. No need to ask God for wisdom – it’s really minor. Besides, you’re mature, you’ve got a handle on it.” And even though we know better, we’re prone to forget how subtly our enemy operates.

Satan loves promoting self-sufficiency. He encourages us to lean on our own understanding because it shuts God out and lets him in. Then, once he gets his foot in the door, he suggests his own plan of action. And isn’t that the foundation of many a regrettable decision? Like the men of Israel, how quickly friendships are formed, contracts signed, and paths embarked upon without ever pursuing God’s guidance.

God wants us to seek Him in our daily affairs. He’s given us the Bible as a discerner of thoughts and intents – and oh, how we need its guidance. He’s provided unfettered access to His throne of grace. Believer, it’s there that we must bend our knee to pray and seek.

Is it possible that there’s something too minor, too trivial? Not on your life. Just ask Joshua.

– Pastor Jack

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