The Garden of the Soul

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 Song of Solomon 1:6

“…they made me keeper of the vineyards, but my own vineyard I have not kept.”

Solomon’s sweetheart lamented the fact that because of the demands placed upon her, her garden had gone to shambles. God would tell us to be careful to tend the gardens of our heart and home. A house that is overgrown with weeds and vines announces that very little time has been spent maintaining that home. The outside weeds speak of what could be going on inside. A heart left alone and starved of the Word of God will soon be swallowed up with the cares of this life. The garden of the soul must be pruned and trimmed or else the weeds of the world will choke out the Christian joys of life that were once had.

Dear believer, remember to maintain a daily devotional walk with the Lord. Look deep within and ask yourself what the current condition of your garden is like. Is it a beautiful garden of peace, love and joy empowered by the goodness of the Holy Spirit, or is it a garden that has fallen into disrepair and is struggling to produce even the weakest of harvests? Wait upon the Lord and call out to Him. Invite Him into your garden and walk with Him there as He prunes you back and restores you to a place of health and vitality. I pray that He will do all He desires within you so that fruit may once again abound within.

Pastor Jack

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