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The Arrows of Life

By June 6, 2016June 21st, 2020No Comments


 1 Samuel 20:22

“But if I say thus to the young man, ‘Look, the arrows are beyond you’ – go your way, for the LORD has sent you away.”

Like smoke signals sent by an Indian warrior atop a hill, so Jonathan sent David a message by the shooting of an arrow. King Saul had secretly planned to kill David so he had fled to a field for his life. As David hid in the grass, Jonathan was to launch arrows beyond David if he was in danger and he would then know to run for good. If however, the arrows fell short, David was to come home with Jonathan as this would mean that all was well between him and Saul.

Just think about that a minute…the arrow shot by Jonathan was to determine David’s fate. The tension applied to the bow, the trajectory of the arrow itself was under the direct control of God Almighty. Either David would go back to the familiar surroundings of Saul’s court or he would be exiled to the wilderness as an outcast totally dependent upon the mercy of God, not having a friend in the world. One or the other of these two ways was to be God’s path for David. It was as heart breaking to his close friend Jonathan as it was to David. Unfortunately, the arrow sailed over David’s head telling him as it passed over, “Run, run for your life, David!” Tears must have flowed down his cheeks as he realized that he was now a fugitive from this madman, King Saul.

This path, however, eventually led him to the throne of Israel. God’s ways certainly are not ours! David was to learn a glorious truth that God is even in the arrows of life. The Scriptures declare, “No weapon formed against thee shall prosper.” You may feel as though you are in David’s sandals today, weeping as you run; but trust in the Lord. He has a crown awaiting your arrival and He who is faithful to the end will keep you safe until then.

Pastor Jack

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