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 Proverbs 3:6

“In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.”

In our home we really enjoy watching those good old black and white movies from yesteryear, but it’s really great when they re-release them in beautiful, living color. It’s amazing what color does to a black and white photo or movie. It is equally as amazing to see how a simple Bible verse becomes richer and full of deeper meaning when we consider its original Hebrew language.

Such is the case here with Proverbs 3:6. The writer advises us that we should be careful to first, “acknowledge Him.” The Hebrew pallet blossoms with colorful meaning. The English word acknowledge is the best that we can do to paint that picture. The true meaning is “seek to discover, to find the answer, to comprehend, to be well-acquainted.” The Lord desires us to have a first-hand, hands-on knowledge of His will and He is eager to lead us along life’s way.

The second colorful aspect that appears is found in the word direct. What a great word this is. It paints for us a picture of a beautiful road that passes through a wide, open expanse. It means to provide for our travels “a straight or even path, to make right the course, to have a pleasant trip or to experience a prosperous journey.”

Those who have traveled with Jesus will tell you that prior to embarking upon any adventure, it pays to consult with the Lord Himself. I can tell you that when I have taken the time to seek His will on a matter, He has always been there with His advice, advice that I can count on! Let’s ask of Him this day that He might paint for us the picture that we are to follow and in that, have the peace that follows being in His perfect will.

Pastor Jack

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