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Psalm 31:15

“My times are in Your hand…”

Can you say, as the psalmist did, “My times are in Your hands”? By this, I don’t mean whether or not you’ll still be alive next week, next month or a decade from now. No, I am talking about something far greater, of more importance. The basic meaning of time, in this verse, relates to time conceived as an opportunity. So, let me ask you, “How will you make use of the time God has granted you?”

We have no way of fully knowing what any day holds, but one thing is certain, God leaves nothing to chance. Serendipity isn’t a word you will find in the Bible. God’s plans for you and me are purposeful in the advancement of His kingdom. If and when we think otherwise, we become blind to the countless opportunities put before us.

Do you see floors that need sweeping or a lawn waiting to be mowed? How about someone looking for a seat or a child waiting to be taught? How about someone who could just use a smile? Is participating in the prayer meeting or mission outreach on your radar? Are there opportunities before you that are terrifying, but you know will honor God? Do you feel a tug to venture out? Get on with it! Don’t allow yourself to be robbed by hesitation and timidity.

The very first words of this psalm are, “In You, O LORD, I put my trust.” I encourage you to put those words into action. Better to get an A+ for trying than an F for never trusting the Lord enough to move forward. Determine to jump headlong into whatever things God has prescribed for you and trust Him in the doing. You will not regret it.

– Pastor Jack

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