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Galatians 5:16a

“I say then: Walk in the Spirit…”

Couples laughing and talking, seniors strolling hand in hand, young children skipping and hopping alongside mom and dad—there is something undeniably wonderful about walking with someone you enjoy. Maybe it’s the anticipation of something thrilling happening along the way, the promise of treasure right around the corner, or simply the sheer joy of being together. The same is true when we choose to walk in the Spirit, and our steps synchronize with His.

When you walk according to the Lord’s direction and leading, you can count on a treasury of spiritual blessings because walking in the Spirit guarantees the wisdom of heaven replacing earthly inclinations. Discernment will triumph over judgmentalism, operations of faith replace presumptive actions, discretion overcomes folly, love vanquishes selfishness, and encouraging words become the norm. It’s a wonderful way to live!

One morning, you and I will wake up ready to face the day, but instead of making it to our beds that evening, Jesus will reach out, take our hand, and lead us to His house in heaven. Until then, be alert as you walk with Him. Watch for confirmation from God’s Word that your path is indeed the right one and determine to be in sync with His Spirit—moment by moment, day by day.

Are you a Christian? Do you belong to Jesus? Are you one of His children? If you can say, “Yes! I am His,” then take His hand, walk in His Spirit, and may I say boldly expect and look for something wonderful today.

Awaiting His Return,

– Pastor Jack

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